Design Build: The Process


Design Build: The Process

The Design Build Process, in which Plumb Square’s architect and builder plan together right from the start, helps insure that your investment bears fruit and the project gets built to your satisfaction. You explain the purpose and budget of the project, and Plumb Square Builders can provide early value engineering. The result: a renovation or addition that meets your requirements, finished on time and on budget.

Step 1: Sharing Your Vision and Creating a Budget

  • We listen carefully to your goals and offer options and ideas while sharing pictures from our past projects. You tell us what you like and share your own ideas.
  • You receive a pre-construction services agreement based on your budget. If necessary, we can develop the project in stages, allowing you to enjoy a portion of the renovations with anticipation of future improvements as finances permit.

Step 2: Developing the Concept and Creating a Contract

  • Our design team visits your home to take measurements and photographs. Based on that information and your priorities, you receive a floor plan and elevations that convey the best design solution for transforming your home.
  • You receive our construction contract outlining the scope of work, specifications, and detailed information about costs. Once you approve the plans and the price, we begin work.

Step 3: Selecting Materials and Finalizing Blueprints

  • Our architect turns your preliminary plans into working blueprints. In a pre-construction conference, we discuss appliances, moldings, doors, windows, and finishes, leading to a final set of blueprints.

Step 4: Permits and Scheduling

  • Our expert team of permit processors expedites permit approvals, which lets us start the job as quickly as possible.
  • We provide support for early decision making in proper sequence. This enables us to have materials and supplies on-site early, which keeps the projects.

Step 5: Construction

  • Our supervisors and lead carpenters constantly oversee the work, keeping our subcontractors on schedule and keeping you apprised of progress.
  • The job is daily kept in a shipshape manner — safe and clean.

Step 6: Your New Home

  • Toward the end of the job, our job supervisor will work with you to develop the final punch list. Only when you do the final walk-through and say that you’re satisfied will the job be 100% finished.